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Later that morning, she received a second email from Ashley Madison, this time telling her that two men in the region were interested in making a connection.Amid a tearful testimony, Gehlhausen said she was “embarrassed, shocked, worried that the (SCSO) administration wouldn’t believe I didn’t sign up for these,” adding that she was worried about her marriage and had to explain the situation to her husband.“This is an affair website and I just wanted my husband to believe me,” she said.According to Gehlhausen, those two emails, in particular, took a physical toll and she started having trouble eating and sleeping.“I would have thought it was spam (junk mail) if it didn’t have my name across the top,” she testified, adding that she found it odd but wasn’t overly concerned yet.“I saved them and went about my day.” Then, on the morning of Aug.

The prosecution’s witness list included a wide range, from a criminal intelligence analyst for Wyoming Division of Criminal Investigation (DCI) and two DCI special agents to Sheriff K. Over the course of the trial, the state set out to establish the pattern of stalking by demonstrating a consistent effort by Peterson to harass Gehlhausen, starting in April 2016, when Peterson set up a camera hidden in a clock in her former office.

Gehlhausen defended the journal, saying she kept it because there were “comments by the command staff that just seemed unprofessional” with the intention to “keep notes of things that were said.” The defense also questioned Gehlhausen as to why she didn’t simply unsubscribe to the emails when she first received them if they were so bothersome, instead of waiting for “a week, week and a half.” “These were on my work email,” she said, adding she had more important things to do than to “spend my day unsubscribing to emails I did not subscribe to.” After receiving the Ashley Madison emails, Lehr got involved, ultimately obtaining an IP address from the website’s parent company that linked the emails to the home of Katherine and Josh Peterson in Big Piney.

Since Josh was also employed by the SCSO, the investigation was turned over to DCI, which obtained a search warrant for the Petersons’ electronics and ultimately linked Peterson’s cell phone – using its browser and cookie histories – to the various websites that generated the emails.

She “started taking Zantec” as well – a medication for heartburn and stomach ailments.

During its cross-examination, the defense painted a picture that perhaps Gehlhausen was the one obsessed with Peterson, citing a journal Gehlhausen started keeping the day after Haskell took office in which she documented many of Peterson’s daily words and actions.

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In addition, both sides acknowledged that Peterson did, in fact, initiate a series of emails that were sent to Gehlhausen’s work email address, mostly over the course of four days in August 2016.

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