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But, given all the horrible things Ronnie does later in the movie — out of spite, or stupidity, or flat-out psychosis — this scene winds up seeming a lot less awful as the movie goes on.For one thing, as horribly misdirected as it becomes, his "courtship" of Brandi is the only thing in Ronnie's life that comes partly from a place of sweetness rather than entirely from a place of darkness." We assumed that once we saw the movie, we'd see some mitigating scenes that, as the claims, make it more clear that Brandi, Faris's cosmetics-counter floozy, has given her consent. More surprising is that, in the dark world of The movie doesn't mitigate that sex scene at all.Surely no studio comedy, no matter how supposedly "dark," would portray its lead character as a rapist, right? In fact, it makes it even more clear than the trailer does that when Brandi and Ronnie get home from dinner, she's unbelievably trashed on antidepressants and tequila.And you don't see it coming." That sort of narrative ebb and flow is something the two filmmakers have generally aimed to deliver in their work. "In this he's doing it with family and warmth and stability, and insanity and the chaos of the world. "He's created this pace to it where when fucked up stuff happens you're not ready and you forget it's a comic where that can happen. I didn't understand he had a dry, almost British humor to his personality, so I just thought he was fucking with me or something." movie to the pair — fans of the book, both — they leapt at the opportunity.To me, that's so incredible." The two first appeared on Kirkman's radar years before the movie was announced in 2017. "With Kirkman, from square one he was just like, 'Yeah man, we'll fuck around, we'll change things, we'll make it better.

And he even shows a glimmer of self-awareness — after all, mid-rape, he stops for a moment, worried about whether he's doing the right thing.Not only does she throw up all over the place, she can barely walk — and she certainly can't give any kind of informed consent.She's too wasted for her yelling at Ronnie to mean anything.That's as much a product of the comic's penchant for surprising reader as it is anything else.Even if you're just looking at the first dozen issues of the comic, there are two major plot twists that carry massive story implications.

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