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The radiocarbon dating method was developed in the 1940's by Willard F.Libby and a team of scientists at the University of Chicago.The Virtual Courseware Project produces interactive, online simulations for the life science laboratory or for earth science field studies.The activities are designed to enhance an existing curriculum and include online assessments.This new Java applet based version is more inquiry-based than the original version and contains tools so instructors can assess student learning.(After you complete Virtual Earthquake, check out the Geology Labs On-Line home page for the latest information about project activities.Additionally, teachers have the option of modifying the grading rubric and guiding questions for the laboratory report, a feature that makes Virtual Courseware adaptable for different populations of learners.Examples of Virtual Courseware appropriate for middle school science students include , for studying the principles of genetic inheritance; Natural Selection, for studying evolution; Relative Dating, for studying geological time; and Faults, for studying geological patterns. First, we wanted students to grasp how phenotype alone can be used to determine what traits are passed from parents to offspring.

: A completely revised version of Virtual Earthquake can be found HERE.

Sorry, but you re not likely to find that special someone here, because this is an interactive exercise about Geologic Time. This demonstration version of Virtul Dating contains all the functionality of the full version except that all answer checking routines have been disabled.

Virtual Earthquake is an Activities about age dating, river discharge and river flooding are available.

We report on how one of these sites, the Virtual Courseware Project ( was used to engage students in an inquiry-based study of the principles of genetic inheritance.

About the project The Virtual Courseware website has a free suite of activities for both the life science laboratory and Earth science field studies that can be used by students ranging from middle school to high school, or in the college classroom.

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