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Similar offers were made earlier this year when the government put 14 conventional oil and gas blocks up on tender, with seven up for direct offers and the remaining up for open bidding.For the student-athletes that may not have made the team; there are still many other after-school activities available at Maple School.Please continue to work towards the goals you want to accomplish in the future both on the field/court and in the classroom.Furthermore, contractors will be able to propose their own signature bonus—a payment made by a company to the government when they sign an exploration or production contract.The Energy and Mineral Resources Ministry’s upstream oil and gas business guidance director, Tunggal, expressed his optimism that the new incentives would help boost the unconventional gas fields, notoriously known for being both expensive and difficult to explore and exploit. Although I cannot measure the investors’ abilities, now is the time to invest since commodity prices are low, meaning that service costs are low,” he told reporters earlier this week.

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Contractors must conduct geological and geophysical studies, as well as drill one vertical exploratory well if they win the tender for this field.

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