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He changed the name of his company from Presidio Media to Zynga.

In 2007, when facebook opened up its API, Pincus decided to go along for the ride.

The company used the "engineered marketing" approach to quickly build a large audience they could market the Snappa design tool to as soon as it launched.

A user could get chips if they participated in revenue-generating activity for Zynga, such as accepting an offer to sign up for something. Another strategic partnership with Visa built credibility and established them as a legitimate product that big brand customers bought into quickly. The company stocked and sold its reader for in every store. In a very short period of time, Growth Hackers has grown to be one of the most popular online forums for entrepreneurs and online marketers. As a result, the company implemented a motivation system based on unlocking badges to encourage students to keep learning.23,000 badges were unlocked in the first week.

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Likewise, they penetrated the sporting industry in the US when they partnered with the Miami Dolphins. We knew that a lot of people searching for free stock photos would probably be interested in an easy to use graphic design tool.

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