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But the visualizations on the Data Is Beautiful subreddit are raw and personal, an open invitation to view the users’ paths to love and lust, and maybe even learn from their efforts.Mc Ewen sat on her findings for a while before sharing publicly — “It’s pretty pointless data if I can’t point to a positive outcome, so I waited until I’d been in my relationship over a year.” But another woman didn’t hold off on sharing a far more negative experience.Data is power, and these redditors are trying to use that power to control a process that’s often riddled with frustration, or worse.Dating sites track their users for a variety of reasons, and some, such as Ok Cupid, share at least part of the data with the world.Earlier this year Mc Ewen posted an infographic on Reddit titled “How I met my boyfriend — 6 months of dating in 2016,” joining a trend of redditors sharing their personal experiences via data visualization.

She says she wasn’t surprised by the results after pulling together the data, but it was fascinating to see it all in the aggregate.“I frankly wasn’t very good at online dating at first because I’d never really dated before,” she says.“I was one of those people who would just end up in relationships with people I already knew.” Some of her early mistakes didn’t require Excel to see where she went wrong, such as partaking in a six-hour tasting menu on a first date, but the tracking helped her refine the process, especially when it came to dealing with the deluge of incoming messages common for many straight women on Tinder, Ok Cupid, Hinge and other apps.When she revisited past conversations to collect the data, she marveled at how comically shallow some of them were, especially in relation to how well she eventually came to know some of her lovers.“I’ve always known I’m somewhat of a statistical aberration, so it seemed like a fun idea to see how my data would compare to other people’s,” she says.

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