Romance dating iraq women

But when the neighbors start acting strangely, our heroine's vacation takes a turn for the worst.

In Fifty Shades of You, our powerful and composed heroine suddenly finds herself at risk of losing control when she meets our hero, a kindhearted college student with little experience in the areas of romance, or life in general.

Our second addition to the Romance By You series, Medieval Passion is a timeless tale of true romance. Is our leading lady his willing prisoner of passion?

In the darkly seductive Vampire Kisses, a college researcher lives a secret life: when night falls, he's a vampire!

With instant messages that speak to their hearts and chemistry that make their knees weak, can they untangle their web of love?

What knocks her for a loop is getting mixed up in a whirlwind romance spicier than her famous cinnamon rolls after she runs into our super-sexy hero -- literally!

When wedding preparations stretch everyone's tempers thin, will our heroine reach out for romance before this handsome hero's patience runs out?

Thrilling rescues, exotic planets, and out-of-this-world passion!

In Fierce Moon, our heroine goes back in time to Victorian England and joins a brilliant, dashing detective on the hunt for a serial killer.

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Our hero is a gifted Shadow Ward who tracks lost souls and leads them to their eternal resting place.

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