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Despite being largely transports for land forces, these ships were armed well enough to engage in planetary bombardment or ship to ship engagements.

Armed with 4 heavy torpedo launch tubes; 24 point-defense cannons, rated at 6 megatons per shot; and 12 quad turbolaser turrets, each rated at a maximum of 200 gigatons per shot.

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The Empire never used the Acclamator in its fleets but did use them in planetary defense or skirmishes.Eighty Low Altitude Assault Transports, of which around 66 were infantry gunships and around 14 were vehicle carriers, were carried to insert personnel, vehicles, and cargo into battle zones in addition to providing close air support.Gunships were suspended along an overhead circulating rail in the upper hangar for maintenance procedures during travels.The secondary thrusters did not provide as much power, but were useful for maneuvering due to being placed further away from the ship's main axis.The massive fin at the stern of the Acclamator-class contained both the anti-gravity generator and the ship's hyperdrive generator.

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This basic design was used in a number of larger craft pre-dating it and would define Imperial ships for decades to come.

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