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Through their lives they denied themselves without reserve to follow Christ, reaching the heights of abandonment and the peace of selfless love.We have all this to solidly confirm the validity of every word Jesus spoke.Often I have heard speakers set aside the essential message of the story.They emphasize the surface meaning that those who possess much materially will find it harder to be poor in spirit.To say “yes” to such a notion would mean to toss away, in an instant, everything that had made him feel secure through the years, and become totally reliant on the Good Master.We, on the other hand, have the benefit of knowing Jesus more fully.

Does he recognize Jesus, without even realizing it, as his own Lord and God?From his reaction, giving up his many possessions had apparently never crossed his mind.He was certainly not expecting this to be the answer to his pressing question.The young man is honest and worthy, only asking a question to find out how he can gain eternal life.This the question which has occupied the minds of all true Christians throughout the ages.

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  1. Ben was really feeling aroused, part of him wanted her to continue her ministrations and another part of him needed her stop for Julie's sake. " Ben struggled to call out while enduring the ongoing arousal.

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