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It's loss is likely to have caused longer wait time to vote.The concern about black voting access in the Tar Heel State comes after voting rights advocates thought they had fought off the worst voting restrictions.An election worker in Lee County was seen carrying a baseball bat with “Trump” on it across the street from a polling site.And Riggs said a military vehicle with Trump signs was parked across the street from a Forsyth County voting site, intimidating some black voters.

State-wide, there are 27 fewer polling places than in 2012, a recent report by a leading civil rights group found.In Florida and Georgia, both presidential battlegrounds like North Carolina, black voting is up slightly. Asked Monday by CBS about any decline in black turnout nationally, Clinton campaign manager Robbie Mook said: “We’re just not seeing that.Actually, we’re really proud that African-Americans are supporting Secretary Clinton at the same rate as President Obama.And Republicans eliminated straight-ticket voting, a time-saving device which allows a voter to select a party's entire slate of candidates by hitting one button.Over half of all voters used straight-ticket voting in 2012, and it was especially popular with African-Americans.

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We’re seeing in Florida in particular, African-American turnout is up from 2012.”But in North Carolina, Republicans imposed restrictive new voting rules.

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