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When a girlfriend told me about tumblr, I created an account and was slowly transfixed by this strange and different world where actual real life lesbians from around the nation proudly talked about life and socialized with each other.

Tumblr became my secret outlet and I came out on Tumblr long before most of my friends. It was isolated and it was blissfully, wonderfully, all mine.

I like this site because it features self-submitted pictures of lesbian couples proud to show themselves together.7.

Suicide Blonde Suicide Blonde is the behemoth of lesbian Tumblrs, an artistic and meticulously curated site that is uber famous in the Tumblrverse, and not just among lesbians.

Back then I was ashamed of my little secret (my former friends and later frenemies laughed and mocked the habit), and while I wanted so bad to eliminate the shameful site I couldn’t. “Other points of inspiration include but are not limited to motorcycles, leather, geometry, boobs and contemporary art.” Her site does have a striking and addictive aesthetic that’s sexy without trying way too hard to be sexy.

Kathryn said, “I’d describe my tumblr as a bit of a wank bank, but ultimately I think it’s really just an expression of this aesthetic of raw imagery and sexuality that I really like.”2.

There are plenty of dirty-girls available to you from the Dirty Flix discount offer.

However I am mature so I won’t let my perpetually single ennui get in the way of promoting an amazing site that shows lesbian couples of all ages and races.

It’s fantastic to see real lesbian relationships portrayed as not just natural, but beautiful.

It may be not be just for lesbians, but I’ve never seen a single wang so it’s all good with me. If you’re still not convinced, check out my Tumblr for further proof that Tumblr is rad and incredibly addictive.

I take great joy in scrolling through this Tumblr at work because teehee I’m looking at naked girls at work.9. ” said the owner of Lezitup, a bright and colorful page dedicated to helping lezzies and spreading girl on girl love.

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