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However, you can’t change date format, specifying some format string. There are two ways of solving this problem in Share Point: to describe the customer why using yyyy. is better in his everyday work, or set German locale as default one in Share Point. MM.yyyy), but of course it contains German names for weekdays and months as well - you will probably see these in calendar controls and schedules in your site.

That’s why, for example, here in Latvia we are in trouble! So the customer could choose less evil from these two. so it probably should use Culture Info for locales as well.

Some additional number formatting parameters will be displayed in the output, just to help you to choose more appropriate culture from the list. Now executing the following code will setup this culture to be used in our site replacing Latvian locale:trycatch Culture And Region Info Builder carib = new Culture And Region Info Builder("nb-NO", Culture And Region Modifiers. Load Data From Culture Info(new Culture Info("lv-LV"));carib. So now we are using Norwegian locale on our site, but all user interfaces are in Latvian!

Load Data From Region Info(new Region Info("lv"));carib. And finally, don’t forget to setup correct sorting order and time zone in regional settings.

I’ve done it using the following code: Culture Info lvci = new Culture Info("lv-LV", false); Date Time Format Info lvdtf = lvci. Number Format;foreach(Culture Info ci in Culture Info. All Cultures))As a result you’ll get a list of cultures, which have dd. But this is obvious, because now we are using Norwegian locale.

as a short date pattern, and number separators equal to Latvian locale. Register(); Culture Info ci = new Culture Info("nb-NO");using(SPSite site = new SPSite(" you should restart IIS to see the difference. The most interesting part is that calendar controls and views for lists have Latvian names for months and weekdays displayed.

I’ve tried to find out where this default short date format string is stored.

You should take it in mind, while selecting a culture to use as a base one.You can see these in “Short date format” drop-down, going to Settings - Date on your Windows Server 2003.If you specify some new format, it will be shown as the last one in the list of available for current culture. I’ve spent lot’s of time Googling, investigating Windows registry and file system, trying to find out where these default date formats for each locale are stored.Luckily, these are not dependant from regional settings used on the site. A character has just witnessed something so icky, so unsettling, so horrific, so weird, that he must express his disapproval.

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