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This only stuns fish in the direct vicinity of the electrically charged loop. Very little material is required to extract DNA and conduct a genetic analysis.Researchers gather the unconscious fish in a dip net and take a small specimen from their tail fins. During the course of an afternoon, they managed to catch 54 small salmon in the river. Researchers from DTU Aqua succeeded, for instance, in extracting DNA from tiny amounts of mucus taken from salmon scales that were gathered in 1938.Rasmus Nygaard, who is also a researcher at the Greenland Institute of Natural Resources, Department of Fish and Shellfish, adds: "We don't know how many salmon are caught in the inner region of Kapisillit Fjord.Kapisillit salmon have been caught for many years, but they're still here.

In European and North American salmon populations, there are occasionally salmon who "lose their way" and spawn in "foreign" rivers.

But the population is alive and apparently thriving, so it looks as if it's large enough to avoid any problems associated with inbreeding.

On the other hand, it's so small that it could have difficulties adapting to any future environmental changes, so one would have to say that it's vulnerable", according to Jakob Hemmer-Hansen.

The Kapisillit River is the only known place in Greenland with a spawning salmon population, and at the request of the inhabitants of the settlement of Kapisillit, the government of Greenland's environmental authorities are now working on a proposal that could make this an officially protected area.

Jacob Hemmer Hansen from the DTU Aqua Department of Population Ecology and Genetics says: "It's actually not a surprise that the Kapisillit salmon are different from other salmon populations – but it's the degree of difference here that's surprising".

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Kapisillit salmon are doing well despite environmental conditions "Meltwater lakes here in Greenland are generally too cold for newly hatched salmon to survive.

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