That's why geologists don't pay much attention to analyses of rock samples unless their geological context is well understood.Since Hawaii is built on oceanic crust that is about 80-100 million years old (the age is known more precisely than this; I don't have the references handy), it was immediately obvious that the observed isotopic ratios didn't represent the ages of the rocks.There are two major kinds of radioactive decay, alpha decay and beta decay.They are due to different physical processes and are governed by different natural constants.

He indicated how this allowed him to "proved" that radiodating was wildly inaccurate.Furthermore, the earth would have been too radioactive to support life then.Adam and Eve would have glowed for other reasons than their nearness to God.In some journals, analytical results aren't publishable unless they're backed up by field relations and/or by other analytical methods.The particular case of young Hawaiian volcanic rocks is interesting for reasons other than the absurd age interpretations.

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