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Before we jump into our DIY list, here are some quick and easy best friend gifts that she will absolutely love. But every holiday season and birthday it’s not uncommon to be hit with the sudden thought, “Oh my god…what should I get her?” Instead of spending hours at the mall in search for the perfect gifts for your best friend consider DIY.

She could talk to us about it for hours, and late into the night. I’m allowed to say this without sounding insensitive because I had a sister in a wheelchair for 40 years: don’t let your friend get away with murder just because she’s in a wheelchair. That would have been such a disservice to her—teaching her that she can get her way by crying and screaming?

” If she still refuses, then tell her, “Well, we’ll see you in a few minutes, then. God created us, too, and we are obligated to take care of that creation, as well. It’s a hard balance to work out, and I give you both a lot of credit for thinking about and wondering what the right thing is. I am not disabled and I did not grow up with anyone disabled, but I have had disabled children as well as healthy children.

Lauren Roth, MSW, LSW, is a graduate of Princeton University, and an inspirational speaker across North America and on the high seas. True, you should not allow your empathy for a person in a wheelchair to allow them to manipulate you or overwhelm you, BUT, it is NOT true that you should treat them EXACTLY as any other friend.

The concept is that you write a letter for situations such as “open when you need to laugh” or “open when you feel sad.” The collection of letters and the memories within prove more memorable than a gift card.

All you need are some envelopes, pretty stationary and anything else you have laying around your house (colored pencils, markers, glitter, stickers, etc.) Feel free to decorate the envelopes as well to give a more personal touch.

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