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After all, you’ve been looking for “your one and only” for a couple of years now without much success.You’ve exhausted most of the local prospects, so why not expand your horizons or in this case, your geographical radius.I’m talking about people who make the love-jaunt many miles, oftentimes across state lines.While a two-hour drive might not be optimal, I know people who do that routinely and seem to make it work.– People will tell you how they hate commuting long-distances to work. ” I realize that seeing your honey might justify your schlep, but it may eventually wear on you, especially if you’re a little up there in years.While trains might save you on parking, they’re not that cheap, and some move slower than a Russian novel.

I’ve always said that you can’t really know someone until you’ve traveled or lived with them. Certain religions forbid or frown upon living together before marriage, and I respect that.

So is it really a big deal if you have to travel several hours to date someone?

What’s the issue if you live in Maryland and want to see someone in Rhode Island or Florida, or even Canada for that matter?

I’m too busy to be bothered during the week, and Sundays I have chores to do.” That makes sense.

But some who say this may have intimacy issues that will “never” abide.

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It can prove valuable to see your partner interact in all contexts, including with his/her family, and under stress. – Many people actually prefer long-distance relationships.

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