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His jeans are full of holes and his shoes dirty, but he doesn't care.

He also doesn't care that his coffee is much too hot, finishing off his cup without setting it down even once.

On the pitch, Hamburger SV is once again losing badly. He instead wanted to show the public how everything fit together: the well-hidden power relations, the objectionable or even illegal deals between teams and sports marketing agencies, and the tax tricks used by the multimillionaires.

He calls himself John and is holding his fifth cup of beer in his right hand. The game has come to an end and the Hamburg fans rain down boos and whistles on their team. He no longer wanted to merely publish a player contract here and disclose a bank account statement there.

FIFA has slapped several clubs with penalties for unsavory investment deals.

Three members of the European Parliament have even cited the leaks when requesting that the European Commission launch an independent investigation into the world-record transfer of Gareth Bale.

He loves his freedom, travels frequently and seldom remains in one place for long.

Secret, Opaque and Crooked Deals John is not his real name.

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