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In West and Central Africa, HIV prevalence among female prisoners is almost double that of men (13.1% vs 7.1%), and in Eastern Europe and Central Asia it is almost three times higher (22.1% vs 8.5%).9 Prisons are a high-risk environment for HIV transmission with drug use and needle sharing, tattooing with homemade and unsterile equipment, high-risk sex and rape commonplace.

Newgate was London’s largest prison, housing 40–50 prisoners.

There are a lot of people who come in, and haven't done drugs before who become addicted inside and come out with a HIV or hepatitis C infection.

I saw a young guy who came in on a 16-month sentence, became addicted to drugs and contracted HIV. If they had needle exchanges in institutions a long time ago, it would have saved a lot of people's lives.

Prison conditions are often ideal breeding grounds for onward transmission of HIV infection. They commonly operate in an atmosphere of violence and fear. Release from these tensions, and from the boredom of prison life, is often found in the consumption of drugs or in sex.12 The use of contaminated injecting equipment when using drugs is one of the primary routes of HIV transmission in prisons.

Many prisoners begin injecting drugs for the first time in prison.13 Where there are high numbers of imprisoned people who inject drugs, there is a higher risk of HIV transmission.

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