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So when this girl saw me, I wasn’t with my girlfriend…so she had no way of knowing that I was dating anybody.And she goes to me: I was always so attracted to you because whenever you were out when I saw you at this party, all the other guys had the “I’m trying to hook up” vibe, and you had the like “I’m just here with my friends having a good time vibe” and she goes, and then I found out you had a girlfriend and it made sense.But what kinda struck me is, giving off the I get laid vibe. There’s things that you can do to give off the I get laid vibe.every girl who’s checking you out sees you do that.She sees you checking your phone, putting it away, she sees that you’ve got that “waiting for something to come and make my day better” vibe as opposed to the “I’m out here having fun with my friends, and flirting with girls” vibe… Now there are some interesting ways you can suggest you’re that “pre-selected” man who gives off the “I get laid” vibe. Me and my friends would create these fake Facebook and Myspace profiles. and afterwards on Saturday morning we would leave comments from a girl saying “great times last night, we gotta hang out again soon”… You might ask “what do I do to have success with women?Well the reason for this is that girls instinctively judge your attractiveness by the way they think other girls view you.

You might have noticed this when you had a girlfriend. it seems that every girl suddenly now flirts with you.I won him over a little too fast” (this is the little gut feeling she gets) She gets this little feeling that you were a little too “easy”… If you’ve got a friend who gets laid a lot, he’s not won over that fast.If you’re the type of guy who gets laid a lot, you’re not won over fast, you’re not willing to commit to a girl too soon.As guys, we experience this when we see a pretty girl dating an ugly guy. You see, women at first can only make a guess based on the superficial signals you give off. By giving off “I get laid” signals that cause women to become attracted to you.Whenever we see a not so physically attractive guy with a hot girl… This means you can use pre-selection with women to your advantage… However, the bad news is that most guy give off “I don’t get girls” signals.

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