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Tinder has a terrible reputation for being a “hookup app,” but let’s remember that before it came along the top two online-dating options were Match and Ok Cupid.

On both of those sites, women had to sift through dozens of boring or creepy messages to find anything worth responding to, and guys copied and pasted hundreds of boring or creepy messages because they grew so accustomed to being ignored that there was no point in spending time crafting the perfect message to the perfect girl.

Here’s how to enjoy your trip to the Sex Machine Museum.

Learn the history behind rare sex machines, what they can do, and what sex was like in ancient times.

The Sex Machine Museum Store has red and black shirts available for purchase.

The store also has buttons/patches that can be attached to any shirt or blouse.

Their argument is overly obvious: that it’s too easy to find a new (sex) partner, and therefore nobody settles down anymore, swiping the moment something goes wrong in a relationship. Your options were: meet through friends (and our circle of friends tends to dwindle as we get older, so that stops working by one’s mid-20s); meet at a bar (kind of like meeting on Tinder except when a guy comes up to you and says something creepy, you still have to engage instead of just putting your phone down); meet at Whole Foods (which never happens); and so on.

But this lament ignores two important elements: what dating was like before online dating, and what online dating is like now. These options were so terrible that we all endured months-long “droughts” in which eligible single people dated no one and instead watched VHS tapes and ate popcorn every Saturday night.

On Christmas, I flew to Prague to spend the holidays with a beautiful and hilarious Estonian girl I had never met—not in person, anyway. On New Year’s, her Russian friends cooked dinner, and we all went out to watch the fireworks on the Charles Bridge. A month earlier, the Estonian girl and I had matched on the dating app, as I was about to board a train for Paris.

Featuring psychedelic sculptures and paintings, you first have to walk through the forests and gardens of Petrin – the small hill overlooking Prague - in order to access the cave.

Zch3002hu4 We thought we’d heard everything after Berlin’s Currywurst (Curry Sausage – a Berlin speciality) Museum, but no.

Rh3002h De Thought to be the oldest Jewish graveyard in Europe with the oldest headstone displaying a date of 1439, this cemetery has crammed in over 12,000 headstones over the years.

What’s more, due to the lack of space, and the fact that the Jewish religion forbids moving their dead, there are estimated to be around 100,000 bodies in total, simply piled on top of one another. Right then, well you’ll have to venture just over an hour out of Prague for this one, so technically it’s not really in Prague but it’s easily reachable but it’s guaranteed to freak you out.

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) with your message and they will pee it for you (honestly, I never thought I would ever write that sentence).

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