Powerful countenance or intimidating

This is how God intended it to be; He is our protector. If we loosen our grip on the world and grip God’s ways, God’s direction, we then will see the fruit He intended.We see the spiritual protection provided by our savior and rest in His ways.Who doesn’t want to tell their own story, at some point? If you’ve lived through trauma, maybe you learn how and when and who to tell what serves you.If you’ve had a happy childhood, averagely well-to-do yet unique in cultural details, I hope there’s little difficulty in the communication.

Our life as believers mirror this relationship with the King of Kings!As a result, I’ve since moved towards a more inclusive blog space, one characterized by posts on what to wear and thoughts on mothering.But I would like to be able to keep social class in play, if only now and again. In future, when I take up the matter, I will point people here for context.Secular liberal intellectuals, at that, who tend to associate with other such, where wealth is not overly appreciated. But as a young woman, I was the one who said the thing. In particular, one does not speak of privilege except in jest. My careful writing on High WASPs sails me towards a unified self. It’s also possible that the High WASP is only a construct I’m building out.So from one perspective, I’m doing as anyone who likes to talk might. That thing others were thinking about and pointedly not saying. “Yes, this Christmas in Jamaica is costing us more than a small nation state’s transportation budget. In the calm and privacy of writing I replace both suppression blurting with intention. Which reminds me of summers on Cape Code and Swallows and Amazons but that’s neither here nor there. A WASP with old money and a lot of education, if I’m blunt. A framework to tell a personal story that might otherwise have been reduced to spoons and secrets. Gold Georg Jensen bracelet from my maternal grandmother, bangles I bought when I returned from India, Chinatown link bracelet, “Victory” charm from Dad’s side.

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