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But one part of the conversation that is rarely touched upon was the fact that Kitty was a lesbian.

includes the truth about Kitty’s life, the truth left out, the girlfriend that was erased in order for people to “not get distracted” by the horrifying tragedy that occurred.

Bailey’s Pub was on the corner, which caused the only real ruckus some nights when there were lover’s quarrels as drunks would head home from the bar.

This was later used as an excuse for so many on-lookers who heard Kitty’s cries and assumed she was a wife merely upset by her husband’s words.

Kitty’s death has spawned conferences, novels, television episodes, a play, songs and even a sermon in the 1999 film .

In the book, Cook writes about New York in 1963, when homosexuality was illegal but underground gay and lesbian bars were popular places, and where Mary Ann first met Kitty.No one wanted to talk to Mary Ann for fear of being outed or known as part of her crowd. “Gay people were paranoid enough already.”Interestingly, detectives were not concerned with Kitty and Mary Ann’s relationship when it came to putting Winston on trial.Mary Ann took the stand as Kitty’s friend and roommate, identifying items of Kitty’s (house keys, a billfold she’d given her for Christmas). Her murder made her name synonymous with American selfishness (sometimes called “The Bystander Effect,”) as she was stabbed to death steps from her door while neighbors looked on from the safety of their homes, doing nothing to help.Kitty was killed on March 13, 1964, and for the 50th anniversary of her senseless death, a new books has come out to discuss the act that has been oft-analyzed and never forgotten.

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