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But a report produced by the Drug Enforcement Administration from May 2017 includes a comprehensive list of bizarre and whacky list of slang names used to name drugs.

And while the average person may be familiar with every day street terms, words like wacky tobacky, cabbage, ghana, muggle and rainy day woman - all to call marijuana - are definitely not ones you here everyday.

Dialect is also included, and athough not slang, its peculiarity of use can present confusion to a outsider and appears to all intents and purposes as being slang.

Additionally there is a further relationship with regional tongues, in that many slang expressions have their root in dialect.

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420 or bud (marijuana), coke (cocaine), Molly (MDMA) and smack (heroin) are all commonplace slang terms that people are familiar with in the United States.

Although the United Kingdom is a comparatively small country, the number of dialects and regional variations in language is arguably the most diverse in the English speaking world.Drug slang is coined quite freely in the user's social circles, but most will not become universally known due to the nature of the scene's illegality.The necessity for discretion when using drugs encourages a need to retain the associated vernacular within the immediate environment.The listing of a slang expression is determined by its use beyond that of the localised employment of a few friends; in due course these localised expressions may gain greater popularity and achieve expanded regional, national or even global recognition, however it is only at that time that they will be included here.We should be aware that there is a large volume of slang we encounter through the media such as television, film and press, which invariably increase our reference points but genuinely remain outside of personal use.

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