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He carried his briefcase, in which he keeps copies of his family’s official documents.It was Saturday, and he was helping several young Marshallese men fill out applications for work permits.He grew up in a town called Arrack in Majuro Atoll, a ring of 64 volcanic islands.He and his 13 siblings lived packed into a small house made of wood scraps painted various colors and collected by his father, a construction worker. Mote was close with his mother; she taught him to cook and to weave, tasks usually reserved for women. He did the same thing on the way home, and the day after, and the day after that, chasing the tire back and forth. Mote himself became faster, until he was the fastest runner in his school. The thousands who have taken advantage of the treaty have formed tight-knit communities in Springdale, Arkansas; Costa Mesa, California; Spokane, Washington; Salem, Oregon; and elsewhere.Mote works for the county health department as a translator and adviser.

The clinic provides limited care to the uninsured, free of charge, funded largely by an annual charity ball. Aside from emergency rooms and another charity clinic, it is the only source of care available to many in Enid’s Marshallese community.

Often they leave behind families saddled with medical debt.

Mote described the struggle in his community as part of a legacy of broken promises made by the U. – promises that the islanders displaced by the nuclear program would be able to return; that those relocated or sickened would be provided for; that the testing was for “the good of mankind.” America tested 67 nuclear bombs in the islands, Mote reminded me. ” * * * he way Mote tells it, he chased an old car tire to Oklahoma.

In effect, he’s become his community’s public representative.

By American standards, Enid is wholly ordinary: a quiet, sprawled city of single-story homes on grassy lots, with a modest stretch of shops and restaurants downtown.

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