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They become physically anxious as they describe the tension they feel, wondering if this guy is going to ask them out for the weekend.

I've always been struck with how they still wait for the text message before going to sleep and lose endless hours if their boyfriend hasn't called them.

Many times, when I see single women in my office for therapy, they talk about the men they are dating.

Related: The Unfiltered Truth About 13 Top Online Dating Sites Why are they putting up with a guy who has them on pins and needles waiting for a call?

For the women in my office, this most likely means the guy is giving them some attention to fuel their obsession.

But many times, the obsession takes over and women may find they cannot stay focused at work, which begins to feed their feelings of doubts.

Women may get pickier as they get older and more accomplished, but they cannot shake off the obsession with getting the phone call, email, or good night text.

and is based on an experiment conducted with female undergraduates.

It’s a story we have sometimes heard of and often seen in movies.

What researchers didn't expect was the women who found the men most attractive were those of the third group.. Gilbert, state that women find men more appealing if the men like them, rather than men who definitely do.

Related: 10 Simple Ways To Use The 'Law Of Attraction' To Find Your Soulmate The researchers of this study, Erin R. However, the women had to feel like there was some interest in the guy keeping them on pins and needles.

Obsessing about your boyfriend is a "rite of passage" when you are a teen or in college, but apparently, it doesn't end there.

Many women who experience this obsession are in their 30s, 40s, 50s, and beyond.

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Cyberstalking is a legally recognized crime in almost every country now and several countries have special laws for cyberstalking cases.

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