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We’re very excited about it so we decided to do a series of articles revolving around mobile apps and cell phones in the dating world.

Here’s eight specific examples So you think you love someone.

Instead of typing out what you have to say, you just take a picture and write a short caption.

After the person views the message, it magically deletes itself off of their phone.

Still, it would be nice to have another body to heat up your boudoir, because Pornhub and DMs won't do the trick forever. To save you the stress, we checked in with New York's top wingwoman, Cher Gopman, to find out where you're going wrong in scoring Mr. In order to establish a connection, it is important to ask questions and not just say statements. Also, be 100% honest on your profile and in your photos.

There are two different ways to do it when approaching someone: direct ("Hey so this is totally random, but I saw you from across the room and you have this adorable look about you, I had to come over and say hello") and indirect ("It's such a nice day out today. Do not worry so much about having the perfect opening line as it is most important to have a good follow up to keep the conversation going. This will help you appear less creepy and more approachable.

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