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Most unfortunately for those who reside in East Chicago today, few if any ruminants of our early years exist except in the archives and record books of this city.These items are but shadows of the greatness of what this city once was.

The initial phase of construction for the Mark Town Site was begun in 1917. and the housing were sold to Youngstown Sheet & Tube Company in 1923.

That firm was the International Steel Group or ISG.

Finally, in 2005 it was announced that ISG would sell its holding to Mittal Steel which also bought out East Chicago's other main steel producer, Ispat Inland which was formerly known as Inland Steel.

Historic Landmarks Foundation of Indiana (HLFI)is the largest state based non profit organization dedicated to the restoration and preservation of our architectural heritage in the country.

Since 1989, HLFI has published a number of articles in reference to the Marktown Historic District in their bimonthly publication The Preservationist.

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This unique neighborhood was designed by Chicago architect Howard Van Doren Shaw in 1917 for industrialist Clayton Mark.

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