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Hit MTV reality series Geordie Shore follows a group of lads and lasses from Newcastle living and working together.The gang have travelled the world from Cancun to Australia, but nothing beats their home turf when it comes to a drunken night out.Due to our niche market targeting, large membership base, strong brand and the fact that we are a market leader in many of our selected markets, affiliates will benefit from higher conversion rates and hence generate additional and more frequent revenue.With millions of customers worldwide we are one of the largest niche dating companies in the world.If you do this, the dad's name will not be included on the birth certificate or in the birth register, although it may be possible to re-register at a later date.

Our affiliate program is available to affiliates from approved countries. You will need to do this whether you are in a civil partnership or not.Female couples can have both of their names registered on the birth certificate.The form or the court order must be presented by you or your partner at the birth registration.What you need to do at the birth registration When you register your baby's birth, you will need to inform the registrar of: You must be absolutely sure that the information recorded in the birth register is correct before you sign it, so check it carefully once the registrar has written it all down.

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