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Some netizens tweeted messages regarding Taeyeon and Tiffany’s relationship (Taeny) over Nichkhun and Tiffany’s (Khunfany), such as “ to provoke the idol.

The attention spilled onto Nichkhun as anti-fans left a splurge of hateful comments on Nichkhun’s Twitter, causing the male idol to take action and block some anti-fans from his Twitter account.Why is it always the schedules, I'm sick and tired of hearing that story.I get that being an idol is difficult but if there's another story I hope that they could tell us. Never =]” Another fan tweeted, “I like to give you the hug for being strong and for going after someone you love despite all the consequences” Nichkhun responded, “hugged =]” Another tweeted, “Always follow your heart no matter what oppa ~ you know what I’m talking about” Nichkhun responded, “oh I know exactly what ~” That last tweet sounds like he is being sarcastic. LOL Recently co-hosting entertainment news show Girls’ Generation’s Sooyoung weighed in on the announcement, "We were half worried and half congratulatory about it.Taecyeon from the K-pop idol group 2PM said on a TV show that he doesn't envy Nichkhun for dating Girls Generation's Tiffany.

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