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She joined three of the most popular dating Web sites and shortly received a number of responses. Dating in cyberspace, though, often involves unrealistic fantasies. Yet, as often noted, this can’t be counted on to lead to a happy marriage.

A report in makes this observation: “Users can carefully edit their e-mails and present themselves in the most flattering way. One man wrote about his experiences with on-line dating: “It’s a trap.

The English writer Shakespeare is quoted as saying: “Hasty marriage seldom proveth well.” The Bible counsel is more direct: “Everyone that is hasty surely heads for want.”​—Proverbs 21:5.

Sadly, many of those engaging in Internet dating have found that to be true.

They may feel that on-line dating allows couples to focus on what a prospective partner is like on the without being distracted by personal appearance.

A future article will consider additional problems.

PEOPLE often marry people who are just like them – similar in terms of social background, world view and race.

We were planning on getting married.” But when they saw each other in person, the relationship completely flopped.

“He was not what I expected but was critical and a complainer.

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A young woman named Edda recalls her own experience with on-line dating.

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