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Commonly, this responsibility (as well as the duty to care for elderly parents) falls on the eldest son.

Respect for age is a longstanding tradition and value in Nepalese society.

There is a traditional idolisation of female purity and power in Nepal.

Women are often religiously depicted as strong goddesses, with emphasis on their virtue (cleanliness and virginity).

There is usually limited privacy in these multigenerational houses.

However, as the country modernises, a greater diversity of living patterns are emerging.

Hindu women are generally more restricted to the domestic sphere and are less active in the workforce.

Should a family member disobey the rules of a village, the elders will approach the Malik to redress the issue.

Nevertheless, while the nuclear family has started gaining preference in urban areas, the multigenerational household is still most common.

As unemployment in Nepal is a chronic issue, often a household’s main stable source of income is provided by remittances sent by family members who are working in foreign countries.

This provides a greater degree of independence for adult children.

Other Nepalis who have a stable income may choose to live as a couple alone whilst continuing to support their parents financially.

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