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I thought it would be easy since we were both artists, but it was not. Due to busy schedules, we could only have messaging dates.It was difficult to develop it into a serious love relationship, so I have never maintained a relationship more than a year.” In the same episode, After School’s Nana also shared the most impressive gift she received from a boyfriend she dated, raising doubts if she was hinting references to rumored boyfriend Hong Jong Hyun, although both sides denied the rumors. I never taught that you starred on the drama series scholar who walks the night! Thankyou for being such an inspiration and always lightening my mood! You are my favorite Korean actor and you will always remain my favorite. Among my collection will be many of the dramas you've been cast in. I hope to see you more on dramas and keep up the good work oppa! I've seen pretty much all of your work, and I'm exited to watch future projects. I have about 6-7 kdramas so far in my personal collection but plan to add more as quickly as they become available (Eng subs of course until I can get more conversant with Korean). XD I watched Reply 1988 because I thought Park Bo gum was Lee Hyun Woo (after watch to the beautiful you and the con artist, I become his fans) . and reply 1988 made me being park bogum fans also (PBG should give thanks to hyun woo lol) i thought he's park bo gum at first... also at some angle he also looked like nam joo hyuk ... Despite Lee Guk Joo’s statement, she had previously showed close relationship with Super-Junior M’s Henry, where the two shared a selca and Henry claimed that she was his girlfriend.

A [#2] FLIGHT LOG : TURBULENCE Release Date: 20 Tracklist: 01. Oppa...u r the best actor i have ever can light this whole world...u can make the hard core tough girls (like me) squeal like idiotic fan girls.....ur acting is AMAZING...fighting LEE HYUN WOO Congrats on your new drama, moo rim school, so happy to see you, you are a good actor, but am not happy when I learned that your drama will be cut short, due to misunderstanding between the producers and kbs. in the film To the Beautiful You're charming're super spectacular enchant me're way too beautiful and bisto that ... When I watched the movies/dramas with you in it I really like how you portray your role you're a really good actor. I'll be watching your future movies and I hope by that time you'll win the heart of the girl. back there ,,just keep up and your good at acting!!!! Great smile ~ i would give him the same nickname as Daesung from Bigbang... he lights up the screen with his innocence and energy. SARANGHAMNIDA LEE HYUN WOO OPPA !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! You're too cute and you're really awesome.i admire u so much;))i hope we met im hoping for that day to come:)) you are so cool.i like you:) saranghae.shotomate, can you please add me at my facebook? XD ❤ He's so adorable and he always looks happy in that episode! You're so adorable, so carefully skilled on your role. .your so adorable i first saw you on Master of Study and your so kawaii!! Just watched "Equator Man" and enjoyed Lee Hyun-woo's character, he did a beautiful job of acting in his role. First saw him in "Return of Iljimae" and knew then that he would be a star. His character in this drama was played to perfection! keep trying hard, i'm sure that you'll be the next shining star of South Korea. Super Junior recently announced their repackaged album, "Replay", with news of a new single, "Lo Siento", to come and a comeback image.The main focus amongst Su Ju fans has become Heechul's luscious locks, especially because he appears to be in the exact same pose as the "Play" album cover.

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i hope i could see you in person and have a picture with you ^____^ your music videos are amazing, the way you sang "ode to youth" and your movies especially to the drama series " to the beautiful you" and your movie "secretly, greatly"... My expectations are set up very high for this guy and I hope to see more of him in his next projects. I first saw you in TTBY last year and since then I have made it my mission to watch everything that you have been in! ^^ Hello Oppa Hyun Woo, Im Your Fan in The Philippines ^_^ your So Cute & Handsome, when i watched to the beautiful you & Man From the Equator, i was inspired ! =)) and i wish to go to Seoul Korea to see you =)) and i planned to a Korean Interpreter someday.

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  1. My first clue that dating sites such as Tinder are infested with bots: Many female profiles in specific cities (Copenhagen and Denver, for example) share overlapping attributes – they have the same job or employer, often in a different city or country, or attend just a few of a limited set of colleges.