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We build stuff that is used by the world — and that's golden.

Customers need guidance and assistance, so we educate them and help with whatever we can.Tasty breakfasts, energy drinks, yummy cakes on Friday — they've got us covered. And to do so, we bring together an awesome collection of tools, skills, and talents that are specialties for each of us.Creativity is the keyword here, (yes, we do specialize in keywords as well!Being part of something bigger is like adrenaline, it gives meaning to what we do every day.We love PHP, Perl, Java Script, Ruby, CSS, HTML, Vo IP, Java, Flash, C#, and Python. My SQL, Elastic Search, Hadoop are all our tools of the trade.

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You only need to speak fluent English, and we’ll teach you the rest during external and internal training sessions. But with a little help, you’ll quickly grasp all the intricacies of e-commerce and online marketing.

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