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Some speculate that Tinder’s means of selection might be through the elusive “Elo Score” ranking of a user’s “desirability,” which CEO Sean Rad told magazine Fast Company does not factor in physical attractiveness or how many swipes right (thumbs up) a user receives. “It took us two-and-a-half months just to build the algorithm because a lot of factors go into it.”On Bumble, the extra tab called VIBee doesn’t just expand the app’s devotion to this whole bee theme — it’s meant as a gift for the “best-behaved users.” But like Tinder, it’s unclear what that means.

Bumble was unable to provide more information, but they call VIBee a “curated digital social club.” It’s relaunching “soon” after a brief hiatus.

“Often, dating has been mediated through social institutions that tend to select for certain kinds of people over others,” Weigel says.

There’s an .99 monthly fee to speak with users whose profiles list their favourite luxury brands next to their verified incomes.

While Weigel thinks the exclusive apps are “elitist” and “explicitly classist,” others see the good in them.

Tinder Select, the newest of the bunch, has been around since at least September.

In an online Reddit message board devoted to discussing Tinder, some users wondered what the slick blue “S” meant on their screens and assumed it was an elite version of the app.

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Most online daters don’t need another reason to feel unwanted in the demoralizing world of mobile courtship.

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