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The move by the online encyclopedia — which was founded in 2001 and has in a few short years become a hugely influential source of information — was revealed in the pages of the Left-wing Guardian newspaper.It reported that Wikipedia’s editors had decided, in a democratic ballot, that the Mail’s journalism cannot be trusted.He wrote: ‘From these small beginnings, it may well be that, as time progresses, something more meaningful can be built up, although that will inevitably be a difficult progress given the nature of the crime which was committed by the mother.’ The tribunal concluded: ‘It is entirely appreciated that it is on a very limited basis at the present time but in our view it is overwhelmingly significant that contact has been permitted and endorsed by the courts.’ ‘Those who come to the UK must abide by our laws.We will take all necessary steps to deport foreign criminals and have introduced tough new rules to protect the public from those who try to stay here through abuse of the Human Rights Act.Yet in the modern world, bigoted oddballs who are over-familiar with the internet can wield tremendous power — and this potty-mouthed man is a case in point.For when he’s not posting obscene images or racist sentiments, Cockram is a regular editor of the online encyclopedia Wikipedia, where (according to multiple posts on his Facebook feed) he operates under the alias ‘Hillbillyholiday’.The sentencing judge accepted the ticket and the court injunction ‘came out of the blue and it was a cruel act which left her no room to take advice about her situation’.

He also appears to take great pleasure in regularly circulating obscene images and racist sentiments via the social network.

Today, Wikipedia has more than five million pages in English, and is visited about 269 million times a day, making it more popular than the sales site Amazon.

Thirty million people have now registered as ‘editors’, of whom around 130,000 have been active in the past six months.

In an era where the term ‘fake news’ is increasingly used as a desperate slur, with Donald Trump applying it to CNN, the BBC and any major outlet that tends to disgruntle him, it’s tempting to suggest that both Wikipedia and The Guardian are guilty, in this deeply disturbing saga, of creating what might be regarded as false news.

More worrying, this ban has set a dangerous precedent, raising profoundly troubling questions about free speech and censorship in the online era.

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'An appallingly difficult case': A tribunal has ruled that a woman who stabbed her baby girl with a kitchen knife will not be deported because that would separate her from her child (photo posed by models) The marriage was unhappy and in March 2009 the 30-year-old’s husband presented her with a one-way ticket for her to return to Bangladesh.

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