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However, Tim finds it hard being back and he returns home after saying goodbye to Susan.A Daily Record reporter commented on Ben's arrival, saying "the girls at number 30 are bowled over by their new flatmate, Ben Atkins ...The 13th season of Neighbours began airing from 20 January 1997. Matt Compton and Ben's sister Caitlin Atkins were introduced in September.November saw the first appearance of Paul Mc Clain.Tim is introduced to his teachers Susan Kennedy and Lisa Elliot (Kate Straub).He struggles to connect with anyone at school due to his age.

Billy Kennedy (Jesse Spencer) becomes suspicious of Lisa's marking methods and writes an insulting sentence in his essay.Billy proves that Lisa has not been reading the student's essays and Susan launches an investigation.Lisa quits her job, realising that she is not cut out for teaching.When Susan searches out a book for Tim, she begins quoting from it and Tim kisses her.He later tells Susan that he loves her, but she lets him down gently.

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