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However, the Wind Energy Act of 2013 approved by the General Assembly did set distance parameters at 10-30 miles, but included no restrictions on the height of the turbines.Mc Gean said while the lease areas are still within that 10-30-mile range prescribed in the bill, the proposed turbines have continued to grow.

Comments on this proposal are welcome for 60 days after its publication in the Federal Register."The benefits of E-Filing, both to the government and to the filer, are obvious and compelling," noted Fin CEN Director James H. "As more financial institutions migrate to E-filing, they will be impressed with the ease and convenience of using their basic Internet connections, while gaining immediate feedback to continually improve the quality and usefulness of the reported information in the effort to combat financial crimes."Electronic, or E-Filing of certain Fin CEN reports first became available in 2002.The Town of Ocean City has contended the first line of turbines needs to be at least 26 miles from shore to ensure they are not visible from the resort coast.The project developers have made some concessions along with way, including US Wind’s olive branch of sorts to move the turbines 17 miles from the beach last year, but the battle continues over the proposed distance and the ever-changing height and scale of the turbines.“Since then, the height of the turbines has increased dramatically,” he said.“Technology has changed so rapidly that a year ago, US Wind received approval for 4Mw turbines with the possibility of going to 6Mw. In the last year, it has doubled.” Mc Gean said the 8Mw turbines have a height of 370 feet with a blade diameter of over 300 feet.

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