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For both actors and writers, the freedom offered by the show's no-holds-barred approach confers opportunities to shine that typically are hard for young people to access.

This liberation has come about because of the inversion of the usual conventions that frame teen drama.

The school in question is a Bristol sixth-form college, Roundview, and students only stay at a sixth-form college for two years.

The antics the pupils indulge in, it is true, are more 21st-century St Trinian's than 20th-century Grange Hill.

Skins is generally considered by professionals to be a landmark production, not least because of the explosion of talent it unleashed.All the carefully developed young characters that they have become involved with over series one and two are gone – no more Tony, no more Cassie, no more Sid. But the collective interest isn't just about sitting down to watch the show on the night and then talking about it the next day.Among its many innovations, Skins has established itself as the television programme that really knows how to exploit the internet.They may not actually exist, but that doesn't stop the characters in Skins from having their own blogs.Any young people in Britain who don't already know that this series has an entirely new cast are either scarily highbrow or frighteningly isolated.

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