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It is not clear at this time if this scammer has stolen the identity of a Jeffrey Curtis, invented this identity, or is actually legally named Jeffrey Curtis.The con artist spent hours on the phone and online with the victims, building trust and eventually love: “You are the best woman that I have ever met and ever had, your sweetness and kindness is amazing, we have no met (no doubt we will meet in a few days) but u have not desist from the act of showing me love.These profiles state that he is widowed and living in Roanoke, VA, but offer little information otherwise.

In case the fake website was not convincing enough, he also showed one victim phony bank statements containing millions of dollars, but said he couldn’t touch the funds. Honey i am sorry to do this i attached a copy of my account statement for u to know i have this money and i can afford to pay everything on my own but my bank wont let me access more than 0,000 because i am not in the states (SECURITY REASONS). There are multiple active Facebook profiles being used by this scammer.

For more information, please call Melody Robinson at (540) 777-3799.

Sabrina's Place provides services to families who have experienced domestic violence, child abuse, sexual assault, stalking and dating violence.

The phone number used on the site is a Vo IP number which means it could originate from anywhere in the world. currently has an “F” rating with BBB Serving Dallas and Northwest Texas with 2,902 complaints closed in the last 3 years.

has failed to respond to 1,565 of these complaints.

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