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I had dropped a floor tile on the joint of my big toe earlier in the week.

Walking very far was out of the question for a few days. All of the flowers and trees are in full bloom wherever we walk. We spent a couple of hours getting the pieces for 7 tables organized, legs put together, inserting bolts, etc. It then took us an over an hour to assemble the first table.

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Saturday, we joined Jean’s friend/colleague Rob and his wife, Anna, for dinner in downtown Kelowna. Some of the pieces had been marked incorrectly, so we had to re-work them, we put some pieces up-side down, backwards, you name it. 0Tuesday, we spent 4 hours with our decorator, beginning to choose finishes for the house.

Join the fastest growing adult personals on the internet. Join us in our video chat and set up online real-time flings. Evenings, we have settled in to binge-watching the series “Billions”. Not only does our campsite have the most privacy, but we are next to the WIFI box, and our signal is quite good. 0We are now proud groundskeepers for our campground. Jean is now besties with the campground owner/operators, Rob and Rick. While I was busy, Jean went to Imperial Oil with Chris and checked in with his former colleagues.We spent much of Monday mowing and edging grass that had taken over some areas. It hadn’t been maintained and needed a new air filter. Rob took him to a local “show and shine” car meeting Wed. Our god-daughter Kelsey had baby boy, Layne , April 23, the same day the Royals, Kate and William had their third baby. (Layne that is) 1We are settling into our camp ground. He has been offered the riding mower to use on the rest of the property along with an edger. 0We finished up our week staying at Chris and Jim’s home in Calgary. We continued to eat to much great food and exercise to little.Terms & Condtions | Privacy Policy | Refund Policy Shemale Canada - Model Age Verification All Models who have modelled directly for Shemale Canada are 18 years of age or older.The files on this site are licensed for private home use only.

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They are getting close to pouring the foundation walls. 0One of the first things we did after arriving, was to take all of the blankets off of the bed. Wednesday, we started laundry, packed away the winter clothes and brought out the summer ones. Jean set up our “outdoor space”, complete with our table, BBQ, mat and chairs. Jean has volunteered to mow our lawn and help build picnic tables for the RV park. We met with a multitude of doctors, dentists, specialists and hairstylist.

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