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Most of these statutes have adequate loopholes for the accused to evade justice especially when the victim is at their mercy.The rising cases of domestic violence are alarming because there is no proper defined framework or legislation of dealing with such violence.If you or someone you know has their personal freedom restricted or is afraid of their partner, they may be a victim of domestic violence.Let go of any expectations you have that there is a "quick fix" to domestic violence or to the obstacles a woman faces.Domestic violence is particularly common between spouses or intimate partners.Whereas there are laws on women and businesses, most countries in sub-Saharan Africa and the Middle East lack legislations and laws to tackle domestic violence or cruel inhuman and degrading treatment.Sources: The Michigan Coalition Against Domestic and Sexual Violence; Calhoun County Domestic Violence Council Education Prevention Safety and Support Information Guide; and the 2002 MSP Uniform Crime Report.

Factors such as cultural mores, religious beliefs, and taboos are some of the leading causes of lack of legislation on domestic violence in most countries.

A teenage girl is punched in the stomach by her ex-boyfriend in the hallway at school.

Each of these events raises the same question: Could this tragedy have been prevented?

In the developing world, there are symbols of authority tasked with the responsibility of handling domestic violence cases in the community.

They could include village elders, religious leaders, chiefs or clan heads.

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Most cultures claim to have unwritten laws of handling domestic violence and as such the people do not believe there is a need for a law on domestic violence.

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