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It’s pretty acceptable to comment on someone’s weight, whether it be to say they look thinner or fatter.There's even a very popular talk show on Univision called , The Fat Guy and The Skinny Lady.Also not every single Mexican does these habits, but a majority do. to serve males, but not my brothers I felt as if my own parent were being sexist towards me.I always wondered why do I have to do this, but my brother doesn’t?Many of the suggestions develop and weave together ideas discussed in her previous books.

But now as an adult, realize that my parents weren't really being sexist, they were just following tradition.When I visited a friend from Uruguay apartment, we all shared a laugh about my mom’s excessive collection of Jesus figures.And then he showed us his Jesus portrait; he said his mother mounted it there.Did you know that many Latin Americans kiss on the cheek when they greet each other? Learn what are some of the most common customs, traditions and habits that Latinos do.Latin Americans have strong customs, traditions and habits, and they've been passed down from generation to generation.

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