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It often includes consensual restraining a “bottom” or “submissive”, sensory stimulation, whipping, submission and role-playing. Examples are: B&D (Bondage & Discipline), D&S (Dominance & Submission), and S&M (sadomasochism).It always is practiced with the informed consent of both parties involved or it is abuse. “BDSM” is a catch-all phrase used in conjunction with the word lifestyle.Each man must treat his brothers with respect and decency that he deserves.The Anti-female Society is not anti-sexuality, it is emphatically in favour of it.amateure amateures amateurs amateurz amatorki amatour amatrice amats amatuer amatuers amature amazi amazing amazing tits amazon amazons amber Amber Evans america american ameur ami Amis Angles amour Amour Angles amp amputee amteur amy Amy Reid Amy Ried an ana anal anal amateur anal amateurs anal bottle anal creampie anal dildo anal fisting Anal fuck anal homemade anal sex analingus Analplay analsex Anatomy and Anderson Andrea angel angel rose angela angelica angelina angels angie angles anguish anima animal animals animated animated gifs animation anime aniston anita ankles ann anna anna sucks anne annika Annika Neilson anon anonymous anorexia anorexic Anti Female antifeminist anus anya ao ao 2005 april aqua arab arabian arabic arches archive Are area areola areolas argenta argentin argentina argentinas argentine argentinian Aria Aria Giovanni Ariana Ariana Grande ariane ariel Ariel Rebel Ariel Winter ariola armature armpit armpits arms army Arsch arse art artistic artsy artsym milf artwork As asa asain ASF ashee ashley ashley brookes Ashly Asi Asia asian asian amateur asian girls asian jailbait asian teen asians asiansex asleep aspen aspenbl Asphxia asphyx asphyxia asphyxiation ass ass butt ass fuck ass hole Ass Lick ass licking Ass Play ass pussy ass shake ass shaking ass to mouth ass up ass worship asses Assfingering assfuck assfucked assfucking assgape assgaping asshole ASSHOLEFEVER8230 ASSHOLEFEVER8241 ASSHOLEFEVER8243 ASSHOLEFEVER8308 assholes asslick asslicking assplay at ATBEACH athelete athlete athletes athletic athletics atk ATKExotic atm ATPOOL attention whore attention whores audrey aunt aunts aunty aurora Aurora Snow aussie australia australian authentic auto AV Actress AV Idol avena avena lee average averyrose avril awesome Ayako azn b b8in4satan ba babe babecock babes baby baby bump baby fat babygirl babysitter back backdoor backpage backside bad bad parenting badoo bae Bagging Bailey bailey jay bait balcony bald bald pussy ball sucking ballerina ballet balls banana bang bangbros Bangbros.

A dominant is referred to as Top, Dominant or Master (Mistress).

BDSM can focus only on sexual or non-sexual play or a combination of the two. M play such as detailed in the book “Fifty Shades of Grey” is not the same as discussed on this website.

Play can be soft, sensual or very intense sadomasochism that includes pain. means consensual acts shared between two or more adults. There are many how to (how-to) books and videos that make it easy to learn about the play. Here, a slave makes a decision to be owned by her Master.

There is no master rule book or master plan that all follow. It is a unique type relationship called a Master/slave relationship. It is a consensual power exchange where the slave grants her Master authority over her decisions. In very general terms, a submissive means a person controlled by another.

Let me be clear, BDSM is not domestic violence, child abuse, or physical abuse. However, not all submissives are slaves, though all slaves are normally considered submissives.

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