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No one would have expected for this sudden revelation because of how tight-lipped he has been for the past 23 years as an artist. In the latest of episode of My Ugly Duckling, the muscly man confessed to his mother about his history with women.

According to Koreaboo, it was a casual conversation about eating habits when Jong Kook spilt, The Running Man member said that his previous relationship lasted for six years and the one before lasted for seven! I wanted to be perfectly prepared for marriage and creating a family so I would say "just wait a little more, a little more" but eventually, I think my need for perfection caused the breakups." Jong Kook has been known to strive endlessly for perfection.

Only registered photographers could snap shots of her after the media session and only from a designated spot marked by tape on the ground.

Yoon, star of TV dramas such as Coffee Prince (2007) and Princess Hours (2006), was meeting the local media, ahead of her appearance at Thursday's L'Oreal Professionnel Hair Show as part of the 2015 Singapore Fashion Week.

Looking feminine with her wispy brown locks at the press conference, she was happy to give updates about her upcoming projects and dish out style tips.

But she was surprised when a journalist asked for style advice for teenagers.

His manager, Kim Kap Jin, quietly asked why did the relationships end to which Jong Kook replied that it was his fault for delaying the proposal. However, he has admitted before that he often don't know when or what exactly that 'perfection' is.

In fact, it was such a serious issue with his bodybuilding that he became addicted to going to gym.

I'm 30." Still, she obliged: "Teens should try everything to find a style that is suitable for them, even rainbow socks, which are hard to pull off when you are in your 30s." She is starring in Korean-Chinese movie production Love After Love, scheduled for release later this year.

when I first read the articles (on the net), I laughed it off thinking, here we go again..

was surprised and also disappointed by my fans who would stoop so low as to write anti comments about him (Kim Jong-kook)..

Kim Jong Kook took it a step further and reportedly called Yoon Eun Hye personally to profusely apologize for putting her in the public eye under such pressure to do RM, all thanks to his discussion of her in Healing Camp.

Yoon Eun Hye’s agency confirmed the call and explained that Yoon Eun Hye doesn’t feel Kim Jong Kook did anything wrong that he needed to apologize to her for, and she actually felt bad that he felt bad and apologized.

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