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At first she said she will raise her baby alone, however just a week ago she announced that she has a miscarriage before and it was because KHJ’s frequent assault on her, now she demands him to pay around 1.6 billion won.

They were in on and off relationship for several years.I don’t know if he is a serial abuser or not, but his eyes and expression could be really scary in some scenes of Boys Over Flowers, a sign of hidden sociopath? Based on the news report, he apparently asked for her forgiveness and paid huge settlement money (600 million won) so she could just shut up about her first alleged miscarriage and revoked her claim.He wooed her with love and money, they back together again, they fucked, she’s pregnant (for the second time), he assaulted her and now she sues him again. This is just a typical cycle of abusive relationship. The victim thought that once the abuser asked for forgiveness, he will change for the better.Kim Hyun-joong is one of South Korea’s biggest Hallyu star due to his success. Later he passed high school exams and enrolled himself in Kyonggi University.In 2011 Kim got the education in stage production management from Chungwoon university.

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