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The quirky moments the characters enter or find themselves embroiled in simply do not work.In a quality youth-orientated show, such as that gem "Press Gang" (although I'm aware it's ridiculous to compare this TV show with most of today's attempts at that genre), the actors have the ability and the instinctive comic flair to make these silly moments work.

"But we were actually dating at the time, and I had been such a disaster of a boyfriend up until then, and I knew I had to put on a good show, and I was going to see her and her new haircut.""I was like, 'Come on, man, you gotta bring it home.8.1.06 - Teri Polo (Maggie Sherwood) has agreed to star in "Legacy of Fear," a Lifetime TV-movie.7.17.06 - Abrams Takes His Robot to New Shops - 'Lost,' 'M: I-III' auteur leaves Disney J. Abrams, who helped revive ABC's fortunes with "Lost" and has two other shows on the network this fall, is severing his ties with the net's sister studio, Touchstone TV, and moving on to greener pastures. 6.30.06 - Thanks to some fancy licensing-rights footwork by bossman Garth Ancier, WB will end its 11-year run on Sunday, Sept.Garner and Grunberg, who costarred together in Alias and Felicity, are both longtime supporters of the organization.10.4.06 - Amanda Foreman has joined the cast of What About Brian. Greg Grunberg and Amy Smart at the TV Guide Emmys party. Donald Faison and Jaime Pressly at the TV Guide party.

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