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Readily available programs and websites facilitate easy transference of messages, thus rendering space and time irrelevant.The quick, efficient manner of Internet-based medias allow for easy access to users who want to examine a lot of content in an organized format within a short amount of time. Cite the corporate author in the text the same way as you would an individual author. If the page numbers are in Roman numerals, do not include p. Example: (Amis, 1958, iv) When you're referencing with Leeds Harvard you may come across issues with missing details, multiple authors, edited books, references to another author's work or online items, to name a few. This includes government departments, universities or companies. A post-print is an article that has been peer reviewed in preparation for publication in a journal. Available from: A pre-print is an journal article that has not yet undergone peer review. In contrast to social networking sites, online dating communities are tailored specifically to users who are looking for a romantic partner, connection, or encounter.In the following research study, I aim to examine user’s experience of the online dating community, Plenty of Fish (POF).

When the author name is not mentioned in the text, the citation consists of the author’s name and the year of publication in brackets.

You should include page numbers in your citation if you quote directly from the text, paraphrase specific ideas or explanations, or use an image, diagram, table, etc. Example: "It was emphasised that citations in a text should be consistent" (Jones, 2017, p.24).

Example: According to a recent report, flu jabs are as important as travel vaccines (Department of Health, 2017). Here are some tips on how to deal with some common issues when using Leeds Harvard.

Include the full title of the journal in your reference.

Abbreviated titles are not used in the Leeds Harvard style.

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"Direct DICOM slice landmarking" A novel research technique to quantify skeletal changes in orthognathic surgery.

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