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The Artsy Bad Boy Divorce often renders us completely vulnerable and lacking self-esteem. I won’t get into the sordid details of the torrid relationship I had with a man like this who wasted two years of my life. He was an executive in San Francisco, smoldering and well-traveled.

He introduced me to a sexy, alluring music scene and sent emails of how beautiful I was and how he’d “never felt this way before.” This, , was like a drug for an insecure women like me.

Even though I was a single mom supporting myself, I didn’t mind.He’ll be on your doorstep in a flash (as long as you’re paying.) We all need companionship but it’s important to find someone who won’t take advantage of your generosity.Too many women are desperate for attention and allow these men to linger. After a while, I realized decent men, at the very least, split costs. Expect you to drive long distances to see him when he won’t drive to see you?The Geeky Genius I dated highly educated men who were professionally accomplished. I learned the importance of finding a partner who had interests, hobbies, intelligence and experiences.Intellectually, I enjoyed interesting conversations and the connecting intimacy they afforded. The Too-Nice Guy After dating a cheapskate, bad boy and geeky genius (not necessarily in that order), a man who was boyish seemed refreshingly safe.

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  1. Mydateinasia understands the difficulty of getting into relationships – the embarrassing first dates, the awkward phone conversations, the clumsy emails and all the other fear-induced activities involved in making a connection.