Invalidating cache in asp net

IIS7 has a new output cache feature that can cache dynamic content (output from your ASP.NET, Classic ASP, PHP or other dynamic pages) in memory.In the example I provided if there is no page Number in the query string the cache is valid else the cache isn’t valid.This example is very simple and I won’t recommend you to use it but it shows the concept of how to use the Validatecache Output callback.

When we need to invalidate a cached page there are some ways to do it.In the configuration file we create cache profiles that the pages of the application can use with the @Output Cache page directive.This can be done by using the caching element under the element of the web.config file.This can yield enormous performance improvements since it means that the script used to generate that dynamic output doesn't need to run for each request.The cache is "smart" enough to vary the output cached based on query string values as well as HTTP headers sent from the client to the server.

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The only required parameter for the output cache is the Duration all the other parameters can be used if you want to.

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