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Its opening is hinged to allow easy access to your hardware, and the case has waterproof access for cables.

Inside, there’s a mount for fixing any model of Raspberry Pi and camera, as well as many other components.

They point out that existing semi-autonomous hardware is not as easy to program as their build.

In contrast, they say, “with the invention of the Raspberry Pi, this has allowed three very inexperienced individuals to program a robot very capable of doing these things.” We make Raspberry Pi computers because we want building things with technology to be as accessible as possible.

People often use Raspberry Pis and Camera Modules for outdoor projects, but weatherproofing your set-up can be tricky.

It’s based on a sprawling fantasy multiverse storyline, and is very heavy on mechanics — the current comprehensive rules fill 228 pages!

You can imagine it as being a bit like the right combination of cards. So far, there are around 20000 official MTG cards, and, as with other types of trading cards, some of them are worth a lot of money.

You need to keep water — and tiny creatures — out, but you might well need access for wires and cables, whether for power or sensors; if you’re using a camera, it’ll need something clear and cleanable in front of the lens.

You can use sealant, but if you need to adjust anything that you’ve applied it to, you’ll have to remove it and redo it.

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